menus para grupos en vivo tapas

Quality products

To get Vivo Kitchentops out delicious haute cuisine, entering only allow  food of the highest quality.

We and our network of providers utmost confidence and assurance, we went to the market daily for red prawns from Palamos, seasonal mushrooms, choose carefully the most flavorful and tender pieces of the best cattle, fish and fresh seafood, and fruits and vegetables of highest quality.

We also have among other high quality, with a select and delicious cold cuts with Iberian ham as star and a delicious assortment of cheeses that will delight the most discerning palates.


Vivo Tapas is a restaurant that cult surrenders to the sensesBorn in order to seduce their customers and provide pleasurable and memorable experiences through:

The View: A very careful and detailed image that begins with the decoration of the room, and eventually the aesthetics of emplatado in each of our tapas, entrees and desserts.

Smell: From the fragrances of wine from our menu, to the delicate aromas of our haute cuisine tapas, our experience in the restaurant world has informed us that smell is a sense importantísmo dining experience.

Tact:  Get when appropriate, different textures that can be achieved with food as the development that takes place. This allows our kitchen team express creative ideas, and transmit different pleasant sensations through this.

Taste:  And of course the taste of our tapas, should be the culmination of everything else. Without an exquisite taste, everything else loses meaning. Seek surprise and please equally.

Vivo is a tapas restaurant, haute cuisine and high quality, in which it also cult surrenders to the feelings, as a way of understanding our life and gastronomy. Cover concept is closely related to the Mediterranean life style, or is try and share, enjoy a good time eating among friends.


Being a restaurant must for lovers of tapas and haute cuisine,  visiting Barcelona and consolidate our position as the benchmark Restaurant Tapas and Mediterranean cuisine shaft Paseo de Gracia.

Vivo Tapas should be a cosmopolitan restaurant where guests mingle with native visitors to the city from all over the world, which specifically come to our place to taste our tapas, and enjoy a very special atmosphere.

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Creativity and Tradition: We deeply respect the cultural heritage posed by traditional recipes, and based on their knowledge, judiciously employ our creativity to make new dishes and tapas, or create new versions with our touch of haute cuisine.

Professionalism and Passion: Only employees are committed and who enjoy doing their job well. Always willing to give the best of oneself is a prerequisite for the experience of our customers to dine in Vivo, is something unique and very nice condition.

Friendliness and Courtesy: We demand an attentive service and polite and professional to our customers. We are always aware of your comfort and anticipate what they might need. We also demand the same treatment team members, and to our suppliers. We believe that getting a nice atmosphere inside, transmitted out.

Humility and Gratitude: We know we’re not perfect. And knowing is the force that we will have to improve every day. Because we have humility to recognize that we can always improve, and we will and ambition to achieve it. We also know that our work nor is meaningless without our client, and always deeply appreciate every customer that comes into our restaurant, your trust in us.

Teamwork: We believe in training, fellowship, sharing the experience with younger or novice, communication, good organization and commitment to the common goal to please, surprise and ultimately happy to make our customers.